I need help making quadsuit legs! And everything else!

So I have a digitigrade angel dragon suit. The feet are falling apart and the padding is too small (thigh and calf padding). How do I turn this into a quad suit? Obviously id need to make front legs and make my padding for chest and bigger for legs. My goal is to look as big as possible!! The tail drags, I might want to somehow put something to hold it up in it. Thanks help is wanted!

Need advice for equine quadsuit arm extensions

Hello to you

I have problems with the arm extensions for my major project which should be an cute white pony and is made as an cooperation with an fursuit maker for the suit and myself for the arm extensions.

My original design is this here.

Of course the duct tape was only temporarily there and is replaced by something like soft cuffs.

The idea behind this was to build something that stabilize the arm again shaking and collapsing under load and take the weight from the hands, also i wanted thin forelegs and an correct folding horse knee.

Unfortunately it did not really match with the suit and looked this way when i tried it on the first time, what you cant see on this image is that it was very delicate to put the extension onto the suit at all.

We decided that we have to make the forelegs completely new and i need your opinions what would work best.

One important detail is that the upper part where my arm is in should be mostly enclosed so that the foreleg can be made as part of the suit and i need to only slip my arm into when i put on the suit.

Most suit builders have done this in this way:

What i mostly dont like on these designs is that the passive support is missing and the whole weight is put on the hand.

Also i have major doubts if it is comfortable to have the handle bar for the hand turned in 90° in reference to the body length and paralell to the ground. It seems to make more sense to me if this handle bar is paralell to the body length and slightly angled down as can be seen on my first photo. But then it seems to be incompatible with the design of the plastic tubes.

What is your opinion about this?

Do you have suggestions how to combine the best of both ideas and build something midway between?

Which angle of the handle bar would you consider to be the safest and most comfortable?
(i can weld iron tubes so i can shape this as needed)

What would you suggest that the horse knee does not wrinkle as in the photo above?

Do you have experience how strong the construction with the plastic tubes is, is there an risk that it wears out and breaks at the joint?

how to

hello im trying to figure out how to make a feline head out of the foam ive done paper mache before but i want my costume to look more read and was thinking about pranking a couple ppl i know by dressing up as a lion with my fience as another lion and want them to look as real as possiable but dont know how to get the foam to look right really want to prank my friends and family i know it will probably take a little while to make the suit and everything but im willing to try anything to scare the pants off my family if anyone can send me a tutorial or something on how to get the head to look right preferably one that does not go at past normal speed lol have a hard time focasing on stuff that goes past normal speed needless to say i would be extreamely greatfull thank u in advance

Quadsuit maker in Europe wanted

This should be no offense to all great suit makers in other countries, i just prefer to avoid some oversea payment and shipping issues.

I am planning my next quadsuit to be finished in approximately half a year. It should be an canine character somewhere between bobtail and shepheard puppy, made as an "hands and knees" quadsuit in the style of an living plushie. (very inspired by the famous Camerapup but of course not an exact copy of him)

Could you recommand me an quadsuit maker in europe or even better germany, or is there someone of you on the list who would be interested in this commission?

How much fabric?

I am about to start on my first quad suit, but I'm not sure how much fabric I need to buy. I'm having buy it online as the fur I want isn't available locally, so I want to buy enough in one hit to keep postage costs down. 
If it makes a difference, I'm making a wolf, and he'll have a paler fabric for his belly, and muzzle. I'll be padding somewhat of course, do I need to accommodate that, and my 5'6" medium frame.  
Any pointers you can offer will be greatfully received. Thanks!

Realistic bear quadsuit for sale. Taking offers!

Hello everyone!

I hate to say it, but I'm putting my bear quad up for sale.

He is nearly complete. All that's needed are a set of feet, soling for the front stilts, a front neck flap, fur for his ears, and a trim. He is fully padded, such extensive padding the suit itself is rather believable especially in it's size. Standing next to another person while on all fours yourself, his shoulder hunch is almost shoulder height on my sister who is 5'9"

He comes with the following:

Full body suit with padding
Realistic head mounted on bike helmet
jointed arm stilts
Approx. 1 yard of the light brown fur to finish him
And if needed, 1 yard of the dark brown fur

The butt's padding is attached to a belt beneath the fur to help keep it from sagging. The belly padding and shoulder haunch are removable for easy storage and travel. His eyes are hand painted and have epoxy eyelids. His nose is extremely realistic given that it's a taxidermy nose. Fully textured. taxidermy jawset and tongue on him as well.

why am I selling him? Because my shoulders cannot take it. I haven't the storage to keep him, and I have totally run out of time and patience to work on him. I have some things coming up in the next month and I am in real need of some money, too.

I am asking $1500 for all of this together, or best offer! Willing to include a badge if you wish to keep the name Kanuk. Keep in mind this is an incredible deal as if he was finished, I would be asking $2500-3000 for him.

Pictures and a sample video of him in motion found here. Please keep in mind I am very unpracticed at walking in a quad. I know that so many other people can do so much better then I do.

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Aaaand just because my life is revolving around like.... 4 quad suits this week, here's another that just recently joined the family!

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I plan on doing walk through shots of this as well as the Kirin posted earlier to help as we need more quad suiters out there!