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Need advice for equine quadsuit arm extensions

Hello to you

I have problems with the arm extensions for my major project which should be an cute white pony and is made as an cooperation with an fursuit maker for the suit and myself for the arm extensions.

My original design is this here.

Of course the duct tape was only temporarily there and is replaced by something like soft cuffs.

The idea behind this was to build something that stabilize the arm again shaking and collapsing under load and take the weight from the hands, also i wanted thin forelegs and an correct folding horse knee.

Unfortunately it did not really match with the suit and looked this way when i tried it on the first time, what you cant see on this image is that it was very delicate to put the extension onto the suit at all.

We decided that we have to make the forelegs completely new and i need your opinions what would work best.

One important detail is that the upper part where my arm is in should be mostly enclosed so that the foreleg can be made as part of the suit and i need to only slip my arm into when i put on the suit.

Most suit builders have done this in this way:

What i mostly dont like on these designs is that the passive support is missing and the whole weight is put on the hand.

Also i have major doubts if it is comfortable to have the handle bar for the hand turned in 90° in reference to the body length and paralell to the ground. It seems to make more sense to me if this handle bar is paralell to the body length and slightly angled down as can be seen on my first photo. But then it seems to be incompatible with the design of the plastic tubes.

What is your opinion about this?

Do you have suggestions how to combine the best of both ideas and build something midway between?

Which angle of the handle bar would you consider to be the safest and most comfortable?
(i can weld iron tubes so i can shape this as needed)

What would you suggest that the horse knee does not wrinkle as in the photo above?

Do you have experience how strong the construction with the plastic tubes is, is there an risk that it wears out and breaks at the joint?
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