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Quadsuit wings (this was also posted to Fursuit)

Hi everyone! I made a livejournal account just to post here xD (forgive me I make a mistake with posting somehow)

A year ago I made my first ever quadsuit/fursuit/costume (a quad of my character Raphael) . This year, I am making wings to go with it. I would really appreciate some comments and constructive crits!

So here is what I wrote in the dA submission (
Raphael quad wings resized

"Almost done! These have taken quite a while, especially the wire skeleton for each of the larger/longer feathers.

When I first started making this quadsuit, I named it 'project Nowings'. Because although this character (Raphael) is a winged wolf I thought there was no way in hell I could manage making large semi realistic wings as well. I guess I proved myself wrong here xD

these were made using a copper pipe for the main skeleton, then screwing that pipe to a block of wood. The wire skeleton mentioned was wrapped around the copper and duct taped in place.
First the white layer of feathers was threaded over the skeleton, the dark grey glued on top, and the final top layer of fur glued on top of that.

Because of the copper and wire skeleton, the wings are actually poseable!

There was a whole lot of trial error in between but I won’t go into that xD
I tried my hardest to make it as light weight as possible.

Please tell me what you think! I still need to make new shoulder padding and fix the neck a bit."

As I said I would really like some feedback on these wings!
Thanks ^^

One more thing, I glued the foam padding to the inside of the bodysuit. How would I go about washing it? All fursuits need a good clean once in a while but I am fearful of damaging the fur (or mold growing etc) Dx
For now it has survived off febreeze but it will need a good wash any how.


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