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Starting off my Quad suit (critiques, advise, and reccomendations encouraged)

So, for my first post here, I would like to post about starting my 2.5th quadsuit. (I only made 1 and a half/gave up on one)
After going through many possibilities between many of my own creature concepts, I finally chose one.

It will be based around a creature I came up with a couple years ago called a Toretelkes.
It doesn't show in the picture, but they have long whippy tails. I had an idea to do something like those toy snakes, then I found this tutorial and it helped solidify an idea.

So here my concept sketches. Sorry if they are hard to understand.
So, how this will work is, I want it to be some what interchangeable. Meaning, I want to be able to just swap my stilts out for gloves if I get tired of all fours. So, the head is on a pivot that will change when gravity shifts, so it must be incredibly balanced. To get the position right, this will be attached to the frond of the helmet. I still dont know what material to use. I was thinking plastics or some sturdy tin. But I want it to still be light enough to not strain(This is where I need material recommendations, in expensive sort of stuff). If possible, I'd like to set up a little rig to make the mouth movements match my own. I forget what the wire is called. Its the stuff with the hard shell that keeps the position and the lose wire inside can be pulled and stuff. Usually used in animatronics and puppets I think.
What I'm planning to do for the tail is just find some hard plastic sheets(like my shelf) and just cut that up instead of buying brand new stuff. I'll be going to the junkyard tomorrow so I may find some things I can use(I'll wash all of it, don't worry). It would be nice to find a shelf like mine there, 'cause then I could use that and if there's extra stacks, I can add it to my shelf :P. And maybe I can find some hinges. If you can tell, there's a handful of hinges in this design. A few in the front feet so that the toes and wrist drop to add some natural bend to it. I'll add a bit of elastic to the wrist so it doesn't buckle completely.

Here's my draw out plan all together. The pencil marks got hazed out by the flash so I just ran over it real quick in photoshop.
So I put up some paper on the wall after I estimated the height, then I had my bf trace me as best he could to get the proper size. So far, It looks pretty good to me. I'm just not as long as the creature, so I'm going to add foam to the front of the shoulder and behind the rear to elongate the appearance of the body. I'm going to try to do minimal padding since I over heat kind of quickly. I want to finish this before comic-con, cause they have air conditioners of glory.

Colorstor-color So what I was thinking was to make some natural looking colors. I would end up airbrushing the skin and hit the white fur with cream to blend it. The zipper is going to be on the belly hidden by a trim of fur. On that note, I want to figure out how to see out of the neck and how to hide the chiffon I will use. Any specific techniques to this?

So what I need to figure out is what fabric I may use. Most likely some anti pill fleece. I made a dragon fleecesuit once, and it wasn't bad, but it's kind of crap because theres no zipper on it(everythings put on with safety clips) and it was for Halloween. So pretty much last minute, I put polyfil in the legs. It worked for the night. The eyes were the first LED eyes I made, but the I nearly killed one of the LEDs trying to figure out the resistors. So those need to be ripped out.
So over all, I have a decent understanding of antipill fleece and blizzard(made a kids costume with blizzard and mink fleece I believe, it turned out nice).

Lastly, I want to make a sort of undersuit that I can glue all the foam too. I'm not to keen on foam in my face or what ever since its itchy(I'd be wearing shorts and a tank under it). And since the body is going to mostly be made of fleece, it'll probably be cooler that most fursuits, except where the foam is. Is there a type of fabric that's not too expensive and a little stretchy and is comfortable and cool. The only thing I can think of would be a t-shirt knit perhaps. Like what my tank is made out of.

Any who, if anyone has any knowledge of balances and what sort of materials to use, that would be helpful.
I'll update when I get started or if I change the design.

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