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quadsuits's Journal

Four legs are good!
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Need help, want to offer help, how-to's, or just having a hard time finding anything about making a four legged costume?
Post here!

Rules: [Updated as of 9/13/09]
1. Remember, this community is about making and discussing four legged costumes. Please, if you must post about biped costumes, post to fursuit instead.
2. Photos larger than 100 x 100 must be behind an lj-cut, post at least one or two small preview images to your work before the lj-cut.
It is okay if preview images are slightly bigger than 100 x 100, keep in mind that the picture must not stretch out the LJ page format. Videos don't need to have lj-cuts unless there's more than three.
3. Please keep everything worksafe. If it's too explicit, the post will be deleted. Warn users before an lj-cut.
4. No spamming and no memes. However, I will let community ads/promos be posted as long as they match the comm's own interests. So it's okay if you want to post about a convention or costume community.
5. A four legged costume doesn't mean it has to be a animal costume. Dinosaurs, aliens, fantasy creatures, steampunk, monsters, inanimate objects, and abstract subjects can be used as four legged costumes. If you have the concept for it, let us see it!
6. We also accept ideas, questions, and photos for handicapped costumes that involve wheelchairs, walkers, and/or crutches/stilts.
7. No drama or flame wars, alright?

Have fun!

Sister Communities:

Related Communities:

Supplies (Fur, Stilts, basics):
Creature Crates
Van Dykes
Home Depot
Walking Equipment.com

FAQs, Guides, Tutorials, Books:
Makeup Magazine
The Wardrobe Door
Making stilts
Wise Fool
Stilt plans and tips More from Waffle
Digitgrade Hooves and legs
Devil Centaur costume
I also recommend Adam Riggs' Critter Costuming: Making Mascots and Fabricating Fursuits even if it doesn't have a part on quad suits, it is a very useful book to have. Maybe there could be a updated or new book in the future that covers more material.

Commission sites for a Quad Suit:
S. Park's Costuming and Fursuiting

Commission sites for parts: (Feet, tail, head, etc.)
Beetlecat Originals
Running Wolf Productions
Lion of the sun
Primal Visions

If you want to add any links to the profile page or report broken links, please post an entry to sites so I can add/correct them. If you feel that it might clutter up the comm with link posts, send me a PM then.